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Top 6 Ted Talks Beautifully Describing the Perks of Customer Service

Did you have a bad day? Are you feeling low? What if we told you, we can make your day just a little better by furthering into this blog? Please tag along a few minutes and see yourself!

TED Talks are the gist of motivation. For years they’ve inspired people everywhere. What started as a platform has now turned into a global epitome. And why not? After all, TED Talks are indeed one of the most inspiring dialogues when it comes to general motivation.

This is why according to a survey, people view TED Talks 1.5 million times a day. If you haven’t already had your fair share of them, well we are here to help you out!

Customer service has always been and still is one of the most pressing issues in any industry. Firstly, it doesn’t matter if your company is on-ground or online, you cannot avoid customer service as long as you need customers.

Moreover, having the right kind of customer service is even more difficult. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 6 TED Talks on the perks of customer service.

Therefore, the good, the bad, the dos and the don’ts, these following talks, will discuss all of them!

What Consumers Want? – Joseph Pine

Let’s start off with one of the oldies. However, by oldies, we do not mean the forever young speaker himself but the talk in itself. This talk was posted on YouTube in 2009, originally done in 2004. Joseph Pine is a TED Speaker, a writer, and a veteran consultant to entrepreneurs and executives.

In this talk, Joseph talks all about the authentic experience for a customer. He says that the world strives to “experience economy”. Moreover, he explained important terms as commodities, goods, services, etc.

Although it is 15 years old, this talk is still relatable for the current consumer world.

The Best Way to Help is Often Just to Listen – Sophie Andrews

The ever inspirational Sophie Andrews presents this TED Talk. Here she starts off by sharing one of the most vulnerable incidents of her life. Sophie is the CEO of The Silver Line, a 24-hour phone line service in the UK for people who need emotional support.

In this talk, Sophie shares a strong message of listening. Firstly, she says that it takes courage to listen to someone instead of just jumping in with advice. Moreover, this emotional TED Talk focuses on the ever-important issue of listening.

Therefore, it also implies that when it comes to customer service, listening is the best way you can actually make a customer.

I Was Seduced By Exceptional Customer Service – John Boccuzzi Jr.

As the name suggests, this talk is solely focused on the essence of good customer service.  John Boccuzzi Jr. presented this talk in 2018. Boccuzzi himself has over 20 years of experience in customer service and sales.

In this talk, John starts off by sharing his personal experience of exceptional customer service. Firstly, he told a story about his optician who changed his life with her services. This is why since 1996 he goes to the same optician just because of the service they provide.

Therefore, the crux of his talk was that it’s not your sales, not marketing, and not the money you put in but the service that you provide. According to John, exceptional customer service is what keeps customers loyal and puts your brand on the map.

10 Ways To Have a Better Conversation – Celeste Headlee

Of course when we’re talking about good customer service we ought to discuss good communication and how it’s done. Therefore, this TED Talk is by Celeste Headlee. Celeste has worked as a radio show host for decades and definitely knows the keys to better conversations.

In this talk, Celeste shared 10 ways to improve the conversation between people. At First, the most important one that she shared was “Listen”. In addition, for Celeste, listening is the most important element of a conversation. Moreover, not just listening but active listening.

Hidden Costs of Service With a Smile – Laura Hockenbury

This is a talk that focuses on the deeper side of customer service. Laura Hockenbury has worked in customer service for a very long time. She draws this TED Talk from her own experiences as an employee.

In this talk, Laura shares the hidden costs of service with a smile. Moreover, she talks about the importance of a human connection when it comes to customers. Beginning, she said in the talk that when this connection builds, she automatically forgets all the bad customers she had.

Therefore, this talk is particularly motivating for on-ground employees working in retail.

Service Isn’t Same As Hospitality – Anna Dolce  

Here, the last TED Talk that we will share in this blog, is differentiating two very profound concepts usually confused. Service and hospitality. Anna Dolce presented this talk. Anna works in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

In this talk, Anna very meekly elaborated the difference between service and hospitality. The core of her talk was that service is a skill and hospitality is a spirit. Whereas, in the customer service industry, knowing the difference between these two terms is specifically important.

If you focus clearly, all these ted talks can help you greatly in increasing your customer experience in the best way possible.