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How Effective is Email Support?

For over a decade, email support has been the most widely used form of virtual support around the globe. Not because it’s the most convenient form of customer support but also because it is the most effective one too.

According to a study by Hubspot, almost 62% of customers prefer email support instead of other ways of communication. As a company, these statistics will shock you, however as a consumer they won’t be as surprising. In order to understand how this percentage was achieved, you need to look from the customer’s lens. Generally, this is because email support is;

  • Easy to use
  • Very less costly and
  • To the point

However, these are just a few among the million reasons why companies should use email support for their customers. Here are some other reasons:

Around the Clock Support

Whatever time of the day or night, your purpose is to satisfy your customers’ needs. And to do so you need to have a foolproof communication platform. Therefore with email support, you can achieve this foolproof support by providing a 24/7 service.

This does not only let your customers feel heard and appreciated but also saves their precious time. Consequently, the more satisfied the customer, the more chances of greater sales occur. So it’s a win-win for everyone.

Cost-Effective Approach   

It is important for every customer to feel understood and welcomed. This is doable only by reaching out to each of your customers personally. But reaching each customer personally can be a difficult and costly task.

This is where email support plays a sufficiently effective role. You can easily tend to your customers’ requirements without spending a dime on these services via email interactions.

Tending to all types of Customers

Many times you do not personally know your customers and therefore are not aware of their temperaments. This can lead to a massive miscommunication at times. But when it comes to emails, there is general anonymity among the customers and companies. This becomes immensely helpful when you don’t have a general understanding of some of your customers.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Every person deserves their own privacy and the best way to respect this privacy is by keeping an email interaction. Through email, you can easily maintain the confidentiality of your customers and still reach to them wholeheartedly.

This way it becomes easier for your customers to communicate freely and openly. Which, consequently allows you to get to know their needs better.

Mass Reachability in Shorter Time

Email support allows you to reach a larger mass of people in just a click. Then be it your customers or your own staff, you can easily reach them via email. You can also send your promotional items; catalogs, blogs, promotional videos, etc. with just a click.

Where do we come in handy?

Now that you understand the significance of email support, you must also know how to avail the best kind of email support. This is where our team will come in handy. We at Xperts Mix provide convenient and easy email support.

Apart from this, our services include well organized and well-scripted emails. Be it customer support, promotional emails, or general customer interaction emails, we are here to help. With our pool of professionals, you won’t have to worry about hiring a separate team for email support.

Therefore, get our services now and forget all the troubles of managing your emails!