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“Good to Great” in the age of Social Media

If you own a business and work as an entrepreneur, it is most likely that you’ve read the infamous book, “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. This is a very elaborate book that explains how a person, specifically a businessman, can change his life around. From the day of its release, till this day, the book is one of the most famous guides towards a successfully running business.

However, we live in a continuously evolving world, with immense transformations day by day. So each new dawn springs new ideas and newer ways to deal with them. Along with the phases mentioned in Collin’s book, in today’s age, there are a few other aspects that cannot be ignored.


SOCIAL MEDIA is among these aspects that count just as important in this business world as any other.

It may come as a surprise to many, but this one component is not ignorable for a successful business today.

Here are 5 reasons why you MUST have a good social media appearance to make your company great:


Let the World Know!

Any business that your run, big or small, you need a proper channel for its advertisement. You launch a new product, introduce a new outlet or your day to day businesses. You need to let the world know.

This is where social media can be the most effective channel. Anything you launch you, can post it on your social media, and BAM! The entire world can get to it within seconds. This is the power of social media marketing.

Not just this, it can increase your brand visibility as well. The more you keep posting on a daily basis, the more it comes in on people’s social media feeds. It’s that simple! Many businesses have claimed over the years that social media marketing has been very helpful in increasing their sales.


Know Your Customer Better

Through social media, you don’t only post about the things that you want but you can also interact with your customers. The more you interact with your customers, the better you will get to know them. There are multiple ways you can interact with your customers via social media platforms.

Polls – if you have a new product to launch and are unable to decide which type of product. The easiest way to decide is through a social media poll. Your customers will vote through the poll and you can have a better idea of their needs.

Interactive session – nothing can go wrong in a little interactive session with your customers. This session can be via live chat, an interactive post, or a simple one on one chat session with potential customers.

Respond to comments – another important way is to respond to the comments on your posts. The more you respond, the more your customer will feel heard. This also increases the engagement on your page overall.


Lower The Costs, Higher The Benefits!

Social media marketing is hands down, one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies of today. Almost all social media sites are completely free to use. Even if you do decide to pay for a few beginning posts, it will still be cheaper than any other way of advertising.

People have developed their entire businesses on social media and are running them successfully with free marketing!


Effective Research Tool

This often comes as a surprise to many, but if used properly, you can use social media as a research tool.  It can help you to know customer needs and demands. In turn, you can formulate your supply effectively.

Moreover, through social media, you can also assess the response of your customers to particular products. Online surveys and yet again polls, can help you analyze the response on various products.


Good to Great SEO Rankings

If your brand has a website, you definitely know what SEO is all about. It is the target of every brand/company to increase their SEO rankings.

Social media marketing plays a key role here as well!

Since the algorithm of Search Engine Optimization is changing rapidly, so are the requirements of it. Through proper social media marketing, not only can you attain optimization of your brand but can also increase the rankings of your Search Engine Optimization.