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4 exciting new trends in the Web Development Industry!

“Search Engine Optimization is no longer about stuffing keywords and attempting to trick Google into ranking your website. It’s about creating a user experience that is data-driven. We know what customers are searching for and we know how to get them to a page. It’s a combination of science and art to successfully rank a website.”

― Leland Dieno

One of the most contemporary changes in this decade is the ongoing progress in the web development industry. Especially after the pandemic of coronavirus, the world has drastically shifted towards a digital presence in almost every field.

This is why the web development industry is rising with each passing day. But to manage this industry and the traffic it constantly gets, the web development industry keeps evolving day by day. And among these innovative evolutions, some are noteworthy

Moving towards the new decade we must appreciate the innovations that are now supporting this decade. This is why we have prepared a list of 4 noteworthy innovations that have occurred in the web development industry over the last few years.


AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

As the name suggests, AMP is an initiative that accelerates a page’s performance. In the AMP technology, a page loads immediately after opening without taking much time. What this technology does is that strips away the access weight on the web page. This means all the extra scripts and links, and therefore the page loads easily.

The AMP technology is not as new as others, but it is one of the leading reasons for increased ranking. Many companies have reported an increase in their searches after using AMP. This consequently has increased their sales as well.

Therefore, AMP technology helps manufacturing companies increase their sales by having more people visit their page. Moreover, when it comes to mobile phones, people generally prefer pages that load faster than slower ones. And these days, most traffic generates from mobile phones and tablets.


Voice Commerce

In the constantly evolving fields of eCommerce, voice commerce is not a new term. However, the use of this technology has consistently increased over time.

Either because people generally have less time to type and say things or they prefer putting their point across more coherently with voice assistance. Whatever the case, voice commerce is on the rise of fame.

From Alexa and Siri to Cortana there is a constant rise in the voice industry. Apart from this, the constant rise of voice commerce is also because of the convenience it offers. You can purchase products or get information even while you’re running basic errands.

This is why when it comes to voice commerce, it is widely used. Apart from this, another benefit that voice search has is that it increases your SEO rankings. This is because Google prefers websites that have voice search options.

Moreover, generally, voice search also user-friendly to all kinds of audiences on your page. Most of the differently-abled individuals prefer voice search options for any purchase.


PWA – Progressive Web Apps

According to various surveys when it comes to web traffic, most of it comes from tablets and smartphones. But when it comes to user experience, most users don’t appreciate downloading an app before using a service.

In accordance with this, they prefer a platform that gives them an equally promising experience as an application but they don’t have to download it. This is where Progressive Web Apps come into play.

When it comes to traditional apps, they give us a great user experience but have some adoptive barriers. On the other end, when it comes to websites they don’t offer a convenient user experience. In these consequences, a middle solution solves everything.

PWAs help in providing an appropriate user experience without downloading an app. Another very crucial benefit of the PWAs is that they save up to 75% on app development costs. Apart from this, they also target a mobile-first approach. This means they work exceptionally on mobile devices and smartphones.

Therefore, it is safe to say that these Progressive Web Apps are actually very progressive.



In web development, cybersecurity is definitely not a new concept. It is not a trend as much as an actual concept. Since the time people started web development, they also invented ways to secure a website. But with all the contemporary web designs, cybercrimes have also evolved.

This is why an evolved cybersecurity system is nothing but a necessity today.

The Cybersecurity Venture Reported in 2017 that by the year 2021 there will be $6 Trillion worth of damage caused by cybercrimes. This was reported back in 2017 and we are living this reality right now.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is one important cybersecurity act that was passed more recently at the beginning of 2020. This act recognizes the right of people in knowing what personal data is collected from them and where is it used.

This act is very crucial in maintaining the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In simpler terms, cybersecurity is the bricks that build a house and keep it together.


Xperts Mix – One-Stop Development Solution

When it comes to the services of Xperts Mix we are very versatile. This is why Xperts Mix is your one-stop solution. We provide high-end solutions for web development and other services related to your website.

Apart from this, at Xperts Mix we also provide services apart from web development. These services include, graphic designing services, writing services, phone and email support, and most importantly social media management services.

This is why when you connect with Xperts Mix, you are not just getting our services, and we will also make sure to act as an integral part of your team.